DIY with extra Christmas ornaments

Christmas is around the corner, and Advent is already here. You might have decorated a tree, or you might have some extra ornaments just lying around the house, even if you don’t observe Christmas. So what to do with these extra decorations? Here are some ideas.


  1. Make a wreath. There are two options for this. First of all, for both ideas, you’ll need a wire coat hanger and string. For the simpler of the two, get one or two ornaments (preferably ones that compliment each other, have matching colors, or are contrasting.) I personally recommend a simple ball ornament, or a ball with a more interesting/intracate design. Make sure these either already have hooks to attach them, or make one out of a paper clip. String the ornaments on the string. It will look better if the string is burlap or a cool texture.  Tie the ends together, and hang somewhere. Ta-Da! Cute, minimalistic, unique wreath. For the coat hanger, shape it so it is a circle. Next, hot glue as many ornaments as you would like onto it. You can also duct tape the backs of the ornaments to the frame, but it will not be as sturdy.
  2. Homemade centerpiece! First, find a bowl, one that is preferably clear. (larger is better; this is also a great way to use random bowls that you only use for big dinners) After this, find ball ornaments – different colors are great, different shades… It doesn’t really matter, as long as nothing clashes. 🙂 Get a silver or metallic pen (Sharpies are great) and write words such as family, holidays, Christmas… Whatever words you would use to describe your holidays. (You can also write other cool adjectives for life in general; this particular craft can be used any season.) Put the balls in the bowl – and get ready to look at a pretty DIY piece.
  3. Make an ornament light string. Again, there are two options for this. One is trickier but cooler, and the other easier but not as pretty. I’ll start with the easy. Take a string of Christmas tree lights, and string ball ornaments (or any ornament with a loophole at the top) in between the lights. Make sure to use ornaments that won’t catch fire easily. Partially because you don’t want your house to burn down. And also because I would feel really, really bad if there was a fire because of a DIY post. Anyway… Easy! Fun! Unique string lights! Okay, now to the harder one. Get ball ornaments, and take the top off . 
    ball ornament
    As in, the gold part of this ornament. Just to be clear.

    Next, put one of the small lights inside the ornament. If it does not stay in because the hole is too big, put duct tape (or any kind of sturdy tape) around the top. This will only look the best if the ornament is translucent or clear. Repeat these steps in order to get a fun, light filled ornament string.




    I hope I’ve provided some fun DIY ideas for extra ornaments! Feel free to comment on any of these ideas if you make one of them! Happy holidays!


DIY with extra Christmas ornaments

Make it or Break it: Shower Curtains

Before I even start the main part of this article, I wanted to apologize for not posting a lot recently! I’ll try to be doing that more often.


Okay. Now to shower curtains. I’ll admit, they’re not an accessory/feature that you think about often. You don’t wake up on a Saturday morning and say, “Oh, I think I’ll go buy a new shower curtain.” Because, seriously, why would anyone dedicate their Saturday, or any day, to a shower curtain? But really, they actually affect your bathroom vibe, mood, whatever you want to call it a lot! When you think about it, besides towels, a shower curtain is really the only patterned/visually interesting thing in a bathroom. (Well, there is paint and wallpaper, but still…) Oh, and before I get into this article any further, I’m not trashing sliding glass shower walls … In fact, they add a very updated feel to a bathroom.


Anyway, I’m getting off track. Shower curtains are what can transform a plain, bland, uninteresting bathroom. They can add a fun, classy, unique, (insert positive adjective here) vibe to the room. Also, they are obviously functional, and can tie a room together.


So now we’re to the point where you ask, “Well, if shower curtains can do all this, how do I make sure I  get one that does do all these amazing transformations?” For starters,

  1. Choose one that either brings all the colors/patterns in the room together, or one that contrasts without clashing.
  2. They come in many different varieties! There are so many choices; don’t get overwhelmed, but the chances of you finding a good one for you are high.
  3. Shower curtains can make or break a bathroom, so make sure to follow suggestions 3 and 4 in order to get a nice bathroom that maximizes the most of what you have.
  4. Your bathroom is one of the rooms you use most often. Choose a curtain that fits your personality and that you like!


Some fun examples:

vintage monogram curtain,967495400




This one almost scares me a little! 😉,632712406

Make it or Break it: Shower Curtains

DIY for the Holidays

It’s getting to be those weeks before Thanksgiving where you have everything planned, but nothing really to do yet. So do some DIY! Here’s a quick, inexpensive, fun project you can make.


1 photo frame (preferably 8.5 by 11 in., it doesn’t really matter when it comes to quality or size) 1 piece of white printer/stock/scrapbook paper, and 1 piece of patterned paper (can be scrapbook) For the patterned paper, it doesn’t really paper what the type of paper is, just as long as it is clearly patterned. I’ll be including some cute patterns that you can download and print later on in the article.

On the white paper, stencil or trace a message. If you’re thinking about displaying this for Thanksgiving, perhaps write Give Thanks or something good like that. Or any group of words. Or positive messages. Or cheesy cat poster quotes. Or depressing stuff, stuff Grumpy Cat would probably like. Anyway… Then cut it out. After you do this, paste/glue/tape it to the patterned paper. Put it in the frame, and voila! You have a cute piece of artwork to display during your feast of cranberries, mashed potatoes and turkey. Enjoy!

CUTE PATTERNS TO DOWNLOAD (I’ll be including a picture of the finished product soon, don’t worry)

An elegant yet quirky pattern
Geometric and visually interesting
courtesy of spoonflower
A twist on the classic chevron (image courtesy of Spoonflower)
A versatile and stylish quatrefoil
DIY for the Holidays

What Might Make This Room So Beautiful?

herringbone bedroonm

So what, exactly, makes this room so pretty?

Well, first of all, I’d say I’m drawn to the headboard. It really makes the bed the focal point of the room, which is what it should be. Second, I love the paint color. It’s a relaxing, sophisticated blue that anyone would love. But even with the black, blue, and eggplant colors, the room doesn’t feel like a dungeon. This is because of the green pops of color. They give a fun vibe to the room. The overall look of this space could be summed up by the words eye-catching, sophisticated, and balanced. 

So why am I writing about this? Here are a few things you can learn from this space.

-paint color changes a lot. Make sure you love it!

-pops of color are important so you have a visually interesting room, and one that doesn’t seem dungeon like or bland.

-choose a focal point, and work from there. The focal point is better if it’s an object or wall you actually look at/use regularly.

Comment if you have more ideas!

What Might Make This Room So Beautiful?

Fall is Here – So What Accessories do You Keep/Add/Take Away?

It’s colder, people are breaking out their flannels, boots, and maybe even scarves! (well, for me, scarves are a year round thing, but whatever 🙂 …) It’s finally fall! But what, you may say, do I keep? Is it time to change my throw covers? And should I add any seasonal decor? Never fear! Hear are some guidelines.

Put Away

-Any summery prints, such as things involving popsicles, and summer-related things, overly flowery (as in, so flowery or bright that it looks like something summery, not a neutral or toned down floral. That’s not necessary.) patterns.  Hopefully you’ve already started doing this in October or late September.

-Outdoor pillows. If they’re in an uncovered area that you do not use fairly often, then store them for safe keeping. Fall happens to be a rainy season, depending on where you live, and you want to keep the fabric as nice for as long as possible. Also, snow will probably come quicker than we expect! Even if you put them away, if there’s a nice day, and you want to use them, just take them out of storage! It’s that easy.


-anything totally non-season/weather related.

-anything of special importance, even if it’s seasonal. For example, if you have a ornament you great-grandmother gave to you hanging above the kitchen window, you don’t need to take it down. (You may of course, if you are like me, take it down if it has any Christmasy stuff on it because it bothers you. I love Christmas, but for some reason, it drives me nuts to see any Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving.)


– new covers for pillows. If you like to change colors and prints according to season, then go for it. It’s always nice to have a little variety!

– fall-ish flowers. Bring some pretty, in season flowers to your dining table!

-fall centerpieces/decorations. Add the gorgeous colors of the leaves, and the unique vegetable into your home. (Just please don’t add anything too glittery, or with those tiny cartoon pilgrims. Those freak me out. Unless you can find a way to make it work. Then, and only then, will it maybe be considered okay. 😉 )

I hope you can find some cool ways to bring beautiful fall into your home, and give summer a little rest!

If you have any other ideas on this article, please comment! (This is true for all other articles, too!)

Fall is Here – So What Accessories do You Keep/Add/Take Away?

An IKEA Birthday

First of all, shout out to my friend Anna! Her birthday presents inspired this article.

I’m writing this about my new favorite home store- IKEA! I know I’ve already written about it, but as I previously said, “What’s not to love…” I could go on and on… Anyway, I want to tell you about three different items- the Riddarfjaril cushion cover, the Snabbvinge cover, and the Polarvide throw. I’ll be referring to the cushion covers as pillows throughout this article, just to let you know.

First I’ll start with the Riddarfjaril pillow. (Quite a mouthful!) It’s a cosy, sweater-like throw guaranteed to add a nice texture to your home. I’m actually getting this pillow for my friend Anna; she’s remodeling her room, and I thought this would be a cute idea. Sadly, you can’t order this from the IKEA website currently, but it should still be in stores. It is available on eBay, however. The store price is around $10, not including the pillow form.

Next is Snabbvinge. This is a cute, patterned throw pillow with a fun and elegant personality. I actually was going to get this instead of Riddarfjaril, but they were out of it at my IKEA store! It is available online, though. (And probably at your IKEA, too.) This pillow is great with plain furniture or fabrics, like the Eivor Throw in my previous post. Snabbvinge costs $5, not including the pillow form.

Finally, Polarvide! This is a fleecy, soft throw that is very versatile. It comes in a variety of colors, from white to red. (I personally really like the grey.)  Even though it is fairly plain as far as throws go, it has a cute scalloped border. (And the price, $3.99, is pretty great, too!)This blanket is especially great for beds, or anywhere you’ll actively use it because it is so soft! (I’m getting this one for my friend, too!)





The Polarvide throw.
The Polarvide throw.
The Snabbvinge cushion cover.
The Snabbvinge cushion cover.
The Riddarfjaril cushion cover. (I apologize for the bad image.)
An IKEA Birthday